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After learning so much from others posting on this forum, I decided to share my recent project.  it is a simple differential steering robot that can be controlled from an Android phone via Bluetooth. The robot's "brain" is DIY Arduino Uno compatible board. The robot uses a JY-MCU Bluetooth module for communication with an Android phone. A custom Android app, created with App Inventor 2  acts as a remote control, sending commands to the Arduino over Bluetooth that tell the robot to move forward, reverse, stop or rotate. Two HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors (one mounted on the front and one on the back)  are used for obstacle detection. If you try to drive the robot into a wall, it will override the command and stop when it gets closer than 10 cm.

More details and links to the Arduino sketch and the App Inventor project files below:

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How cool would it be to implement your stuff on a full size lawnmower  ]:),
I see myself sitting with a cold beer in one hand and my phone in the other,
playing pacman over the lawn...
Maybe an idea for my next project! very nice

grtz Tom


Thanks, Tom. And I definitely would love to see your pimped up lawnmower in action!
Arduino experiments, resources and hacks http://42bots.com

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