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Dec 15, 2014, 10:23 am Last Edit: Dec 15, 2014, 10:25 am by lorbass
Errors during compilation

I have the same issues like m_marc() at #11 which where not answered.

And the following message with the example of the mentionned libray on github...
for the line:


invalid operands of types 'int' and 'const char[2]' to binary 'operator<<'

My target is to decode the Output from DJI Lightbridge which is only available as S-Bus Signal.
Therefore no other functions (camera, gimbals, landing gears) are possible.
And the Signal is too "week" to feed standard decoders on the market.
All I request to proceed are the values of the Tx/Rx Channels.

I think there is a lot of Brain behind the library for not to use it.
Thanks a lot for help


You could try this instead.
It dosn't use any librarys and it just works.



i try to  make a sbus signal to control a sbus controler. Could you give me an example to make it write instead of read from sbus?


I have receiver FrSKY 4RSB connected SBUS to NAZA M V2.
By Arduino, I want to on/off a LED from  the remote control channel 9.
Can you help me?





I am using Taranis and X8R to communicate with an arduino nano, and for some reason something is not working. (Note even the example from the library)

I built an inverter with a BC337 and two resistors, and I plugged it into the serial port, but nothing happens.
Maybe I need a pull-up resistor in the output of the inverter?

Thanks in advance!


This is the inverter I use.
Both resistors are 1k


Hey everyone. I have made some big updates to the code. I have make a new sketch that autodetects betwen SBUS, DSM serial (10 or 11 bit), PPM and PWM. The code is a bit more readable now as well. It is set up to run on an arduino mega.


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