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I have a power analyzer from the Schneider-Electric company and I would like to communicate with it through modbus connection.
I have also arduino Duelminove.
I tried so many modbus programs but unfortunately I cannot connect to the device.
In the link http://download.schneider-electric.com/files?L=en&p=&p_docId=&p_docId=&p_Reference=S1B46607&p_EnDocType=Instruction%20sheet&p_File_Id=25550748&p_File_Name=S1B46607-01.pdf you can find more information about the device.
Can anyone help me about the correct program that I can use?

Thank you


A good starting point might be this one http://t.co/r26H2axo
Your link is broken, could you please post a new one?


try MBtest http://cedarlab.ru/eng/software.html nice program for working with modbus devices as master.


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hi me too working with a project similar like this (Arduino-Schneider Device with Modbus), i would know if you achieved it,
if you achivied it maybe can help me little bit, otherwise we can work together.


And what problem do you have with it? Is it modbus RTU/RS-485 device? May be it doesn't use CRC. Have you tried to connect with MBtest and read registers?

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