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Hi All,

The title may say it all, I'm looking for a very simple way to send an IR signal with a computer. I think it is overkill to use an Arduino, so I was thinking there might be a way to use a simple usb to serial adapter and use the TX port to blink the LED.
Only thing is, how do I control this signal and make it send out a correct IR code?

Preferably the signal is send by a BAT script on a windows computer. This way I can switch the television on when booting my computer!

Thanks for the help!


If you google for "USB IR transmitter" you will see many devices that you can plug into your computer to send IR signals.  Note, the timing of the signals is fairly tight, which means most if not all of these devices have a separate controller to send the IR signal and the host just sends a command to the controller.  You can probably build your own controller using a standalone ATmega and IR transmitter cheaper than you can buy a commercial device that hooks up to the USB.

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