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What exactly do I have to do in order to have Due R3 and Arduino WiFi shield R3 working. I have tried all of the examples and sketches start to freeze up as soon as WiFi library functions are called. Do I need to use solder jumper for IORef to 3.3v?



I had the same issue on Due only - the shield works fine on Leonardo. The solution apparently is to connect Pins 7 and 3 together. I have no idea why, but it worked for me.



I too am having problems with the Due and WiFi shield. Running R3 WiFi and the WiFi example.
Problem 1: Running Examples/WifiWebServer (modified only for my ssid and pw): I have to press reset on the Due multiple times before it gets past "WiFi shield not present" :~
Problem 2: As in 1 above the server stops responding to port 80 connection requests after a few seconds, although the first few connections/requests work fine. :0
Problem 3: A jumper between pin 3 and 7 prevents the WiFi card from doing anything. :0

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