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Thank a lot for all of your answer.
But now all of this answer make me confused  :)

I just installed Fritzing and it seams to be very nice.

The problem, I plan to use those compnment that are not in Fritzing library.

Then how can I import those componment to Fritzing?

For the other PBC soft, does thos componment are include?
Is it easy to get it in one of those soft?

Frtzing is nice, because is an open soucre, does the other soft are opensource as well?

Cheers and thank for all
Il ne suffit pas de tout savoir, la persévérance, c'est déjà presque tout!


I also have become a fan of Eagle..

I found Eagle completely unintuitive.

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Apparently all are not Opensource excepted Fritzing :o(
Il ne suffit pas de tout savoir, la persévérance, c'est déjà presque tout!


thats one the biggest problems with all of these applications/programs..

their libraries..(choice of components)

you can surf/google around for a fritzing components of the parts you want..

Same for Eagle.... sometimes you cant find a part.. BUT.. Eagle has a pretty big community following.. and there are libraries all over!

And lots of current boards/parts have eagle schematics for them as well.. so you can use the part from that schematic/layout..

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