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I'm doing a project where I need to measure the debth of a small cylinder. I was thinking of doing this with some kind of laser range indicator (although I am open for other alternatives). I am having trouble finding a suitable range indicator that fits the precision needed for the project. The debth will be 25 mm.This distance has to be rather precise. Another thing is that it has to be quick at meassuring as it will make at the very least 10 measurements per second.
The range indicators have have found so far is either way too precise and expensive or the oppesite.
So if anyone here has any experience or any idea what kind of laser that fits the above specifications, please leave a comment.

Thanks in advance. :)


How precise ? 1 µm ?
What is the material of the cylinder ? steel ?

Mechanical measurement or a laser is precise. So I can't think of something else.

If you want a precise measurement, you have to pay for it.
(I can't even find a price for those).

Or you can open a device and hack it.


The material is cobber and 1 µm should be enough.

I don't think I will be throwing myself out in hacking a device.
The provided links for devices are much like what I have been looking at.

Thank you for the answer.


(I can't even find a price for those).

Here's one:


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