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I only got theoretical background so far, no practical. I'm studying mechanical engineering and focused on the development and flightphysics of helicopter. But if I start with one axis of a regular helicopter, develop a control of a quadcopter... I get the experience necessary to develop the V22. I'll start on my master thesis in the field of flight test at Eurocopter on Friday. That's how I plan on finding out, what to do with all the data of the sensors:D


So you got a ten year project,   and you are concerned about obsolescence ?


What do you mean with obsolescence?

This is not about flying a V22, if I wanted to do this, I'd just save 2000€ and go for the model of rotormast;) If it takes 10 years, I got an interesting hobby for 10 years. I'm fine with that:D


You can find a lot of design tips here:



Do you think the resources of one chip wouldn't be enough? I'd like to reduce weight, where possible. The mechanical structure will be heavy enough...

10 years is a pessimistic guess:D It'll definitely take a couple of years, especially after I read, that another well-known company tried to develop a V22 and canceled the project, because it turned out to be to complex. I hope my theoretical background in developing helicopters leads to success:D

You want to reduce weight, use a surface-mount minimal Duino like a Teensy or Nano or just chip in a socket with components and wires soldered to the socket legs.

Your motor-drivers and batteries will be massive compared. Even the wiring will weigh more.

I suggest sub-systems to make programming and design changes easier. But don't put full size Arduino's in there. Those are development boards.
Nick Gammon on multitasking Arduinos:
1) http://gammon.com.au/blink
2) http://gammon.com.au/serial
3) http://gammon.com.au/interrupts


Can I adapt the code running on the KK2? I thought I can only set the configuration of the airframe and overlay some inputs. At least that's what i figured out reading the manual...

The software is open source. I expect you will need to change some of it to suit your airframe configuration. You will be able to change any of it you want - although figuring out how it works and what changes you need might be difficult.


@Erni: Thanks for the link. I'm sure, I can get some ideas from all the projects listed there...

@GoForSmoke: I'll think about it. For now, I'd be better of with a development board. Maybe I'll solder something myself. I thought you mean I use like 4 Arduinos:D

@PeterH: I expected the manual to contain all relevant information about the project, so I didn't consider it anymore... In this case, I reckon I should reconsider. Especially because everything I need is there already, like accelerometers and gyros...

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