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Hello, I'm seeking a qualified person to build a smart wireless controller for a whole-house cooling system. Basically, an attic fan turns on when indoor/outdoor temp and humidity conditions are right. The fan's negative pressure draws fresh air through passive window vents in the downstairs and cools the house. I've already built a wired system that works nicely and saves money on AC, but it really needs to be wireless to pass electrical codes.

Ideally, the attic fan would plug into a readily available wireless controlled outlet, the kind with a little hand-held remote. An Arduino controller would communicate using the outlet's protocol. I've seen a complicated attempt at this using an Arduino receiver with a lot of piggybacking peripherals and hacked remote, but this is too expensive and complex.

In addition to simple RF control, the icing on the cake would be Android control of fan override and temperature set points.

If you are up to it, we can exchange details so that you could quote me a price for the project. Please also send me a link to your related projects or expertise.


Joel Fairstein

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