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Dear All,

I am confuse about chooseing the best Arduino card.

I select 3 card
The ardiono Mini Pro 5V/16Mhz
The arduino Mini
The arduino Micro.

If I undertand well, in two words,
All work at 5V/16Mhz.

The Arduino Mini and Mini pro are the same, but the Arduino Mini is smaller.

The arduino Micro are ther smallest but has a different ATMega (ATmega32U4).
What make the difference?
The Micro has the adventage to be smaller and to have a USB to upload the code.
Which is excellent. Will the USB allow to charge the Lithium battery?

All the 3 shield can "received" a GPRS and GPS shield as does the Arduino Uno?

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number of IO pins, number of analog inputs, differences in flashmemory, different max input voltage


All the 3 shield can "received" a GPRS and GPS shield as does the Arduino Uno?

No, only the ones shaped like the uno and mega can use shields.  The 3 arduino's you mentioned have a different shape and, as far as I know, there's no shields available for them.  Of course you could always make your own!

As far as making a battery charger goes, I'm not sure if you can use the built in usb port to supply power to external devices...  You'll probably have to wire up another connector to go with the charging circuit.


The boards you listed are sort of niche selections to fit specific project requirements. For a first arduino board you can do no better then the standard Uno R3 board to be more into the 'main stream' until you later find a specific need for a different type.



I created a google doc that lists out all of the technical differences of the boards.  You can make a copy of this to filter/sort/re-arrange all you want.

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