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Okay... this is an odd one.

This is my current code...
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 DateTime now = RTC.now();  
 yearVal = now.year();
 monthVal = now.month();
 dayVal = now.day();
 hourVal = now.hour();
 minuteVal = now.minute();
 secondVal = now.second();

My application starts with a somewhat accurate local time (Pacific time - non DST). The user has the option of hooking up a GPS. My program then gets the current time (UTC time) But... i need to subtract 8 hours from it and store that back on the RTC.

I set the GPS time in the RTC with this bit of code. It works pretty good...
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   RTC.adjust(DateTime(GPS.year, GPS.month, GPS.day, GPS.hour, GPS.minute, GPS.seconds));

But... once the RTC has UTC time I need to somehow subtract 8 hours and update the RTC.

I think I need to use the unixtime function and subtract 8 * 3600 from the total number of seconds but I'm still lost... What do ya'll suggest?




This is it:

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You adjust the GPS time to your local time in your sketch,  BEFORE you try to put it into the RTC.

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