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Dec 29, 2013, 12:25 am Last Edit: Dec 29, 2013, 01:44 pm by NegativeResistor Reason: 1
Can I read the Arduino Due flash?
I've already tried to read flash by native and programming port with bossac, but without success.
Can I also set lock bits?
Thanks in advance!


I vaguely remember reading in the datasheet that the flash is write-only from outside, you'd need to dump it from code,
and uploading any code erases all the flash.
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So... are you sure that anyone can't read the Arduino Due flash in any way?
Then... lock bits on the SAM3X are useless! Are u sure about that?


I said "vaguely remember" - wording I tend not to use if I am sure.  Why not look at the datasheet?
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Has anyone ever successfully done this? From my knowledge, it seems that the only way for bossac to connect is after you change the port speed to 1200, which obviously erases the flash, making reading it impossible. I understand it's much easier with avrdude on the Uno, for instance. Is it possible somehow with a JTAG debugger or otherwise? I have a Due that I would basically like to clone, but I don't have the code any longer.


1. change the port speed of native usb to 1200.
2. bossac -r

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