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I want to make a line following robot . the robot climb a bridge . bridge slope angle  is 30 degree . for climbing bridge I want to use gyro+accelerometer (mpu-6050) . when the robot arrives bridge  I want to increase its velocity and after the bridge I must decrease its velocity    the I'm trying to use the Jeff Rowberg MPU-6050 code ,MPU6050_raw.ino,with  I2CDev library  also DMP codes. all programs are working wery well and there is no problem . So I can get  Yaw/Pitch/Roll, Euler Angles, and Accelerations from the accelerometer.

and my problem is I don't know which data (Yaw/Pitch/Roll, Euler Angles, and Accelerations...) I must use for climbing bridge .


Which part of the data varies when you lift up the front of the robot as if it has reached the bridge ?  It will depend on how the accelerometer is oriented on the robot so it is not possible to answer your question directly.
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