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No single soldering iron is going to work for both large masses of wires such as from the ATX power supply as well as SMT work. 

PACE makes 100 watt systems that have quick change tips that go from needle, to 805 chisel, to damn near the size of a dime, though I would not call them reasonably priced

Leon Heller

Metcal makes systems that will do both types of soldering. The current MX-5000 units are expensive, but I use an older second-hand STSS power unit with the later MX-500 handpiece and cartridges that cost me about £125. They often become available on Ebay, I bought a spare STSS unit for £75.
Leon Heller

James C4S

I am a huge fan of the Hakko FX-888.

I use the included tip for large wires.  I bought a precision tip for soldering surface mount. 
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