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Lefty-- Precisely my intent.  There's simply no way that a single person or even a small company can make this a reality.  Certifications alone, never mind actually making the device.

I am hoping that this device and campaign captures public attention enough that I can present the device to someone like a Honeywell or GE.. someone who can make the thing real.  Companies already entrenched in the industry, with the legal teams in place.

If there is visibility enough, my hope is that the groundswell is enough to have the public asking "Where is the one on my house?" and the manufacturer sees the hundreds of millions to be made off of replacing every gas meter in the country (or more) over a period of years.  

Though these events are rare, they are very graphic and horrific.  Houses blown to bits, heavy news coverage each time.  I'll edit back this and put up a few story links.  It doesn't take much to whip up fear (or more appropriately, concern and a desire to act) if you can present people with such a graphic, current image.  

We all know that I am far from the best engineer.  I am however motivated, and willing to see if I can change the world for the better.  The appeal I place here is not so much for donations but for possible contacts.  There are some very well connected people here, some under assumed names.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that the story passes in front of the right eyes.  If you can, tell folks you know about it.  The way I look at it, there's no possible downside to trying to make this a reality.  I truly believe that the money is a far-back second to getting visibility and public interest.  What I need is media attention, and although I am terrified of it, I also think I can make this happen if I can present the idea and the story.  What better poster child than a survivor of such a thing, one who is campaigning one possible cure to the problem?  This campaign at the core needs to be about getting people's minds on the subject, not necessarily on my particular whack at it.

The fact is, it is the right thing to do, and it ought to be in your house right now.  I am just enough of a loudmouth to possibly be able to engage folks if I can get the story and the intent in front of them.  As you know, I can't work.. at least not in the normal setting.  I feel like this is something productive I can do.  Even if it's not my valve that ends up making your home safer, maybe it will be BECAUSE of the ruckus that I make that someone else will.

That's all I want from this, really.  To not read these stories anymore, and be able to forget my own a little more, maybe.  :)

What it's all about, for me:

I am Paul.  I was about five feet in front of that chimney, watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, and the world ended.  This was thirty years ago.  If there's even a tiny chance I can stop these things, I have to.
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I'm quite willing to perk some money. But I have some second thoughts on the process. I guess others will have them to so I'll share them here.

The first perk is 1$ which is fine (every dollar counts)
The second is already 250$. I know you're going for the big buck but this is a giant leap for a normal man. Something in between would be nice.
The 250$ perk states signed 8x10 of prototype. I really do not have a clue what that could be.
I hope this helps you out.
Best regards
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Well, it's been hard to come up with what would be relevant things I could actually offer.  For all the obvious reasons, I can't provide a valve, nor should anyone ever consider installing something home made into a gas line, what I am doing using even a propane camping cylinder is VERY dangerous and should NOT be attempted !!  (Worth saying)

I had many suggest to me to simply not offer any rewards, if for no other reason than to keep the focus on the project itself and not the token items which might cheapen it, in a way.  To be sure, anyone throwing money at this knows it's not an investment or a purchase.  The rewards are meant to be a come-on, but I think the project itself is the eyegrabber, not some "perk".

As I am a photographer of a sort too, I figured that the idea of the photobook for someone dropping that kind of money might at least be something I can provide.  The goal here is to get this viral, to get it built.  If in fact that happens, who knows.. maybe such a thing might be worth something, at least on a "I helped make it happen" level.  Maybe I watch too much Pawn Stars.   XD

You make a very good point relating to the perks, one that I have yet to come to a really good answer for.  I'm open to suggestions!  What I absolutely don't want to do is spend too much effort or cost in the perks department and thereby create more of a problem than is solved... this has been mulled over quite a bit, and I still haven't a decent answer.  Luckily, I can always ADD perks if I desire.
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I could use a few recommendations for a bench and portable meter, a bench power supply, and an inexpensive storage oscilloscope capable of the frequencies we generally deal with in Arduino projects (Ghz not needed), and a good soldering station.

Thoughts?  I had a friend tell me to get a Fluke Scopemeter... Looks like an amazing device, but overkill and too expensive.  I am just trying to put together a little more reasonable workspace for this... :)

meter: most of the time at work the 9.99$ sperry is the first one to be grabbed out of the bin, and at home my Tektronics DMM914 is easily replaced by my 19$ craftsmen for most basic applications. Dont get me wrong having a bad arse meter does provide you with much higher resolution and features, but for "yep thats high", "ok I am seeing 11.8 volts there good", "whoops thats a 10k instead of a 1k" or 80% of other electronics work use what you have and assess your needs as they come up (such as rs232 interface for data logging)

a bench power supply: handy, can be cheap, can be super expensive, theres a handful of reasonably stout regulated adjustable supplies with current limiting in the 70-100$ range. cheaper ones have analog needles, more expensive ones have calculator like LCD's. I keep eyeballing this one


I would not bother with one that doesnt have current limiting, I also do a lot of analog power designs these days, for arduino I have never had much need outside of wall wart and a little linear thing, I have a board with a 7805, a ld33, and a 317 with a knob that I use at home

scope: new ones obviously have a ton of features, DSO's have been around for decades, and while not as featured as a new lcd model I use a Kenwood CS8010 at home from 1987. It was free and outside of a few times its been perfectly fine for home. One was on ebay recently and sold for 61$ and 25$ for shipping (which is way too much for a 20Mhz DSO with 2 k of ram) but keep your eyes open.

soldering station: hakko (or if you want to cheap out hakko clone) its just a good iron that is not stupid expensive and parts are everywhere. I use a xytronic (which was about 50 bucks instead of 75 for a hakko), which I love but since the place I bought it from went out of biz the only place I can find tips is Jameco. Dont bother with models with a digital temp readout, they are just a pain in the butt to set IMO


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Hardwired and jammed in a 4x4 junction box..

ADMIN: Should this be moved to exhibition?  I figure I will keep linking the progress, so I suppose this has become a project log rather than bar sport kind of thing..
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.

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