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I have issues trying to program a data recorder on my Arduino Uno SMD. I just want to record short int in a pointers vector. That works fine if my vector size is less than approximatively 800. But if there's more elements than 800 (I'd like 1024), the program bug: I can compile and upload it but it seems to execute the setup() in a loop!?!
Did I made a stupid mistake (I'm a beginner)? Is it just that there's not enough memory available (but 1024 short int take just 2048 Bytes)?


Here's my code:
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#include "Arduino.h"

int pinElectret=A1;

void setup ()
 Serial.println("Setup execution");
void loop()

 short* donnees[1024]  ;
 short val;
 int nbtot=1024;

 Serial.println("Start Recording");
 for(short int ip=0;ip<nbtot;ip=ip+1)

 Serial.println("End recording");
 for(short int ip=0;ip<nbtot;ip=ip+1)


int availableMemory()
 int size = 1024; // Use 2048 with ATmega328
 byte *buf;
 while ((buf = (byte *) malloc(--size)) == NULL);

 return size;


Is it just that there's not enough memory available (but 1024 short int take just 2048kB)?

sp. "2048 bytes".
Remember, that's all the RAM you have.
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