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I am trying to figure out how to monitor my homes power usage. I can't seem to find any plans, kits or any projects like that. I am wanting to monitor my whole homes power usage, I don't care weather it is wireless or wired. I just want to be able to see what is going on in real time, and log it in some way.

I am looking for something like the Black & Decker EM100B Energy Saver Series Power Monitor, but that just displays it on a stupid display unit. I want a real way to track it like the Wattvisionbut that is just to much money for their product.

I know there is the Tweet-a-watt, but that only does one outlet. I have the P3 Kill A Watt Electricity Load Meter and Monitor so I could easily do it, but I would rather not spend the money on those Xbees, I wouldn't mind if it was a wired system.

Has anyone come across projects like these?


I'm doing it myself with arduino nano and rf24l01 module (very cheap, 2.4ghz with comm control).
My energy meter (of whole house) have pulsing led (6400impulses every kWh), I just measure them, calculate and send every i.e. 10sec.

I didn't want to do anything with CT etc.


Yep, it's mentioned a few times on the site.  http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/


The best way to do this is using the method of the previous poster of counting pulses from your electricity meter as this is the only way to get decent accuracy.
The current clamp methods do work, but are nowhere near as accurate , mainly because they dont measure the voltage, only the current.


The current clamp methods do work, but are nowhere near as accurate , mainly because they dont measure the voltage, only the current.

Go look at the site above, they measure the voltage.  They also have done a lot of comparisons with various wattmeters and come out pretty darn close.  Using the pulses from the power meter is probably the best way to go, if you have pulses.  A heck of a lot of us don't have pulses to measure.  My setup measures the voltage and the current and compares very, very favorably with the power meter.  I don't accumulate the readings, too many power failures, but I can tell you instantaneous usage on a second by second basis, which the power company won't tell me.


Andriej or Mauried or anyone else, would like to share the code?
I agree the use of CTs can get a bit sensitive with the power authorities even if you use split clamp units. You still need to remove the outer insulation from a multicore cable to get to the individual active phases to then fit the split clamp.
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go to openenergymonitor.org, the code is open source and supports pulses or CTs.

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