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I have just started using Atmel Studio with Arduino Due board. I have installed the latest ASF(Atmel Software Framework). When I then start a new project I can choose arduino due board. I am trying to use C code to turn on a led but I get error. Why can't I use the IODIR or IOCLR?

   IODIR = led;
      IOCLR = led;


hi arduino2012,

you find a good "getting started" on youtube.

Atmel Software Framework, Getting Started, Part 1

Atmel Software Framework, Getting Started, Part 2


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Hello arduino2012, I give you a fair warning. This stuff is not for the heart-fainted. The whole architecture of the software is totally different to the previous Arduinos like 328 amd Mega. While reading the data sheet (>1400 pages!) for the SAM3X8 even the single parallel IO scared the heck out of me. It took me several hours (working with AVR/PIC for some years now) to fully anderstand the rationale of the SAM I/O.

Not before the user has taken a approach of some in-depth programming, he realises what our italian overlords have created with the convinience of the Arduino IDE...


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My criteria for wanting to use the Atmel Studio IDE with the SAM3X is you've got the lovely exquisitely "just works" Arduino IDE humming and its just taking toooooo long to compile those expanding programs ....
AND you want some symbolics with a JTAG
AND you've read a goodly portion of the SAM3X manual and you really really REALLY want to try out some of those features that are implemented in hardware  with all your other modules
AND using the Arduino IDE & your favourite editor is just so frustrating navigating Arm Toolchain directories

the Atmel IDE is worth digging into - and its got a very nice helper to dig through all the .h files in the ARM environment to help you.
Also the ASF gives you an idea of what can be done with the hardware, and of course the objective is to write a C++ object to make it all work.
BUT the Atmel Studio is built has its own quirks, built on M$ Studio
and you have to learn (and praise/curse/grin/growl about) the ARM architecture - now why do so many people like it, of yes its common across all the modern processors.
...........a 2cents throwaway


Thanks for the information you gave me.

I have a question. Do I need a bootloader to run Arduino Due with Atmel Studio. How come I need a bootloader because when I start a project I choose ArduinoDueBoard. Doesnt Atmel Studio automatically choose a bootloader when I start the project with Arduino Due board?

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