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Has anyone figure this one out. I'd really love to be able to use Atmel Studio with my Arduino!


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There is an add-in for Atmel Studio called Visual Studio (free).

I have tested it with the Due, Uno, Mega 2560 and it works fine.

Since the 1.5 is still beta there may be some issues with the Due, but I haven't had any yet. I'm still trying to decipher the timers and counters on the Due.

Check it out http://VisualMicro.com

It also has a pretty cool software based debugger with it.


Sir I  dont want Visual Micro as its not possible to do hardware debugging with it....
Can you please provide any link which gives us atmel to use for arduino due...
I am using Atmel studio 6.1 with Arduino IDE


Try doing everything with CooCox. Don't get me wrong, Arduino is great, but I find that when you need help with non arduino stuff, the AVR forum is full of people on high horses and the arduino forums is sort of limited (do not get me wrong, lots of talent here). That said, I find Atmel manuals harder to understand than PIC manuals. I can only imagine what it would be like with ARM stuff.  Also, with CooCox, you will be able to go beyond just Atmel chips (although, you will be limited as to what JTAGS you can use).....the only issue is that it is open source, so  you will have to manually do the tool chains, but you will have a greater understanding of what is really going on so when you circle back to Atmel Studio, everything becomes so easy because it is done for you.


I found this as well and posted my fix

The fix seems to be change AS6 to be the sames as the arduino-1.5.1r2 in
C:\Program Files\Atmel\Atmel Studio 6.0\extensions\Atmel\ARMGCC\\ARMSupportFiles\Device\ATMEL\sam.h
/* Entire SAM3XA series */
#define SAM3XA_SERIES (SAM3X4 || SAM3X8 || SAM3A4 || SAM3A8)
#define SAM3XA_SERIES (SAM3A4 || SAM3A8)

I got it from
\My Documents\Arduino\arduino-1.5.1r2\hardware\arduino\sam\system\CMSIS\Device\ATMEL\sam.h
/* Entire SAM3XA series */
#define SAM3XA_SERIES ( SAM3X4 || SAM3X8 || SAM3A4 || SAM3A8)


I got this working. First off... ignore what he said above, don't modify the Atmel include files, just add the path to the sam.h file in the arduino structure, and remove the default paths from the list. If you build the Blinky sample application in Arduino IDE with verbose output enabled, you can get all the include paths needed to build with. (they begin with -I)

To get rid of the "GetTickCount" undefined references, you need to add a second library to the same location as you put your core.a file. This file is libsam_sam3x8e_gcc_rel.a and you can get it's location from the buildprefs.txt file located in the temporary build folder where you copy the core.a file from.

Then... it should build... at least mine did.

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