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             I am new to the arduino world and am looking for someone to communicate with and essentially to work on projects with. I have a workshop with a built-in IPC for programming and access to a lot of different things as far as technology concerns. I live in York, PA BTW. I'm not looking to be picky and would be perfectly happy working with someone new to arduino as well so we could learn and share thoughts together.

Thanks guys


Welcome to the forum.

York: http://www.google.com/maps/place/York,+Pennsylvania/

We live around the world. You can ask in the forum everything you want to know. Start with a blinking led, make a speaker go beep, and try some sensors. You learn along the way. Maybe you blow an Arduino with a voltage that is too high, and you need a seperate power supply as soon as you start using (small) motors. It can be just a simple or complicated as you want. Once you have a blinking led, the sky is the limit.
Octal is 7 bits. Octet is 8 bits. An Octopus has four pairs of arms. October is the tenth month. An Octillion can be 10^27 or 10^48. An Octave is the interval between notes of half or twice the frequency. And last but not least: Octyl on its own is not really something.


Thanks Peter. If I have any issues I'll be sure to ask. I do robotic maintenance on a large system so that helps thing progress quickly. I'm glad to see how helpful and supportive the members of this forum are. It would still be nice to have someone to do these things with and double team bigger projects.

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