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So I've been working on this project for a year now. It's a gesture controlled robotic arm using the Arduino Yun. The funny thing is we first built the entire thing around the Arduino Uno and once we decided to make it wireless we went with the Yun because it would also let us host the WebSocket server etc etc. Turned out to be among the best decisions that we made.

Our project was mainly inspired by Yu Jiang Tham's video of his Node.js based Leap Motion Controlled Robotic Arm. We've taken the concept one step further making it wireless and creating a simple Web Application to control it.

Here's a small video of everything working.

On the CLIENT side we've got => Laptop+Browser+Web Application+Leap Motion
On the SERVER side we've got => 3800mAh Lipo+UBEC+SERVOS-Arduino Yun

Instead of me having to put a huge write-up about the project that almost NO ONE will end up reading, feel free to ask any questions regarding the project and I'll make sure you get a quick reply!



Hi Shreyas,
it looks like you found a way to have a fast response. I only tried using the yun web demo and I was disappointed about the delay: more than half a second from the time the button on the web page is pushed  to see the led on or off on the yun.
Can I ask you details about the wireless communication? Can you share the code for both sides (client and server)?
Thanks a lot

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