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In the German Arduino Forum someone was asking for a lighthouse emulator. Here is my implementation for it.


IMHO the slickest part is how you declare the lighthouse parameters :)

Check out my experiments http://blog.blinkenlight.net

Coding Badly

Code: [Select]
static uint16_t phase = setOutput(led);

...is clever but may not work correctly for some Arduino / library functions.  Static initializers are called before init.

Coding Badly

200 ON,  2800 off,  200 ON,  2800 off,  200 ON,  5800 off ?

I always assumed lighthouse sequences were just on for a bit then off for a bit.  Probably a good thing I haven't spent much time on any boats.   :D

Coding Badly

That is a clever solution.  I like it.  (Which is saying something because I can't stand templates.)


I know that static initializes are called before init. However in this case this does not matter.

The timings are official timings of the lighthouses. I think 5800 off is not that bad if you think about the top speed of a vessel that has to rely on lighthouses.

And thanks for the flowers with regard to the templates.
Check out my experiments http://blog.blinkenlight.net


Here is a video of my implementation of an Arduino-based rechargeable solar-powered lighthouse:

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