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I am using a Seeduino Mega 2560 mega. Very similar to Arduino mega 2560, except it has accessible headers for some of the pins that are not accessible on the Arduino mega. I am able to run the 1st serial port(Serial) in SPI mode, but I am having trouble running the 2nd serial port(Serial1) in SPI. I suspect it has to do with the missing port mappings when IDE compiles the code, but I am not sure how to fix. Can somebody give me a hint or lead on how to fix problem? 



UBRR1H = 0;                                   
UCSR1A = _BV (TXC1);               
XCK1_DDR |= (1<<XCK1);                   
UCSR1C = _BV (UMSEL10) | _BV (UMSEL11);
UCSR1B = _BV (TXEN1) | _BV (RXEN1);   
UBRR1H =0;

//Transfer byte
while (!(UCSR1A & _BV (UDRE1)));
UDR1 = _data;
while (!(UCSR1A & _BV (RXC1)));
return UDR1;

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