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Hi, Can anyone steer me to information sources or comment? My plan is to collect data from a lily pad sensor (the remote) and beam it to an Arduino wireless SD shield/LCD display (the base).  I see would need two lily pads: one with a chip hooked to the sensor and the other an Xbee lily pad hooked to the remote to relay the sensor data to an arduino UNO/LCD as the base.  I'm guessing the base has to tell the remote when it wants data, but where is all that hand shaking stored; in the remote or the UNO?.

I do have a working sketch/hardware combo that collects sensor data, logs it on SD and shows the LCD data, all in one piece. Also, I know how to configure the Xbees.

One last question: Is there a problem using the Arduino wireless SD shield without the Xbee?

Thanks for looking.  Oldguy.

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