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Put a serial print line statement in your setup function like "starting sketch" and monitor the sketch running in your serial monitor. If you see the setup function getting called over and over you know you are likely having a reset condition being forced on your board, possibly from something drawing too much current? If not you will have to post your complete sketch to see what might be happening.



Don't know what you expected, but
Code: [Select]

void loop()
if (direction == 0) // this is the initial condition, so true
 direction = 1; // this assignment makes the following condition true
if (direction == 1) // so this will be true as well
 direction = 0; // this restores the initial condition

I would expect whatever action to be done and undone very often.


An else instead of the second if would stop the direction immediately flipping back of course, but it will still change back on the next pass through loop() unless action is taken to prevent it.
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I tried using direction as a variable in a sketch of mine and the IDE tagged it as a keyword. - Scotty


As far as I can see the Routine is performing exactly the way it should.

I sets the flag to one.  But does not skip the next check,  which now evaluates to true and resets it to 0
I would suggest an If else

{ (do Something);
} else
{ (do Something);

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