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I recently bricked my Mega ADK and replaced it with a Due.

Problem is that the outdated AndroidAccessory library i was using doesn't seem to be compatible with the Due.

So I downloaded the new libraries from this page: http://labs.arduino.cc/ADK/AccessoryMode

However the AndroidAccessory.h here not longer has the functions I was using, particularly AndroidAccessory.read(), AndroidAccessory.write(), and AndroidAccessory.powerOn();

What are the equivalent functions in this updated library?

Is this library fully (or mostly) compatible with the Due?


In arduino 1.5.2, there is an example that uses the library adk.h. This example demonstrates the communication between Android and Arduino using accessory mode.

The example is located in \\arduino-1.5.2\hardware\arduino\sam\libraries\USBHost\examples\ADKTerminalTest\ADKTerminalTest.ino


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