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What I am trying to do is synchronize a "real world" machine with a video playing in realPlayer. I currently am using a Ardunio Uno to call - (start)- a video in realPlayer. I do this by using the USB interface Gobetwino. I also use Gobetwino to call Enounce MySpeed and then speed up or slow down the video which is playing in realPlayer with digital inputs that I enter into the Uno. I now am trying to get feed back as to where the video is at during the playback. I want to use this to synchronize the position of the machine based on where - in time - the video is playing. On realPlayer there is a timer which shows where the video is at. This timer speeds up and slows down depending on how fast I have the video running based on my control of the video through Enounce MySpeed. If I could find a way to read this time into Excel every few seconds, I could then read it into the UNO using Gobetwino.

I may be in way over my head but does anyone have any ideas or could you point me in a direction? I am not a programmer but if I can what questions to ask would be a great help in finding someone who I could hire to do this for me.


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check out

Development around VLC media player

VLC media player is open source software same is Arduino, and it support more video format than realPlayer.



Thanks for the VLC link! I have switched my video application to this instead of using realPlayer. This allows me to eliminate using Enounce MYSpeed as VLC offers video speed control as a built in feature. I am able to control the VLC HotKeys through Gobetwino and speed up and slow down the video nicely using my digital inputs.

I still need to figure out how to capture the "video play time" from VLC but with it being open source I should have a much better chance. I will be posting on VLC's forum to see if I can get pointed in the right direction. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Again thanks!

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