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Author Topic: 4dSystems Picaso on arduino, without an Genie library  (Read 38 times)
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I'm working on a project for interfacing an 4dsystems display on a car, boat etc, trough CanOpen.
its an picaso 43PT

One avr micro controller is respocible for recieving can Data and is sending this data over ttl UART (tx -> rx) to the next microcontroller for further processing.

this latest microcontroller is a simple Atmega328PU Arduino compatible. its receiving can data (in TTL)on its RX pin, and sending data to the display with the TX pin.

using the Genie library was no option. so we want to do it manualy.

I have made some basic test code, but when the display turns on, I got only weard looking figures.
I've serial monitored everything, using 4dsystems software its ok, copy that code on an arduino, no luck

here is the code

void setup() {
void loop () {

byte bdiMes [] = {0x01, 0x0B, 0x01, 0x00, 0x0A, 0x01}; // as example

Serial.write (bdiMes, sizeof(bdiMes));

what is the soloution for sending data to objects and gauges manualy ?

regards, Niels Popping

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