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In CTE's version of Henning's library you can initialise the library using the command:

//UTFT myGLCD(model);

Which is basically telling it that you are using a 7" TFT screen on a CTE shield.

With Henning's original library you have to specify the pins used for the control lines so.

//UTFT(model,RS,WR,CS,RST{,SER}); where SER is optional

But nothing happens.  I got the control line numbers:

25 for RS
26 for WR
27 for CS
28 for RST

from CTE's circuit diagram for their shield comparing it against the DUE/MEGA's digital pin numbers. 


I've tried to replace the init routine in Henning's latest library with the code above by replacing the code inside the file at:


but again no effect.


Yes Im using Arduino Due!

I followed all your instructions for my own sample code... I only drew a rectangle, a circle, and a line of text.
In my code, I begin by clearing the screen, followed by this command:

If I ommited it, then my text was mirrored horizontally.

Thank you for your help, the CTE UTFT libraries now work with my 7" SSD1963 display. Looking forward to trying the 5 " model.
I will be watching your work with the Henning's library too.


I have been speaking with the creator of the UTFT library Henning Karisen and it would appear that when I download the latest version from his site I am getting an old version, in fact a very old version.  We cannot work out why this is happening but we only realised this when I sent him back a copy of the UTFT.cpp file which was 3 times the size of the current one.

Your browser is caching the old one?  flush the caches and try again.
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Hi Guys,

what's the status of this issue ?

I've just made it work - Arduino Due + 7" TFT + UTFT library [ Henning Karlsen ] + same tweaks [ inspired by this topic ]

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