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I am building a computer controlled scanning platform and have decided to use the Arduino Uno to control the mount (pan and tilt motion, done via stepper motors). It is working fine ..

However, my supervisor (I'm a student) now wants the operator to be able to communicate with the Arduino via USB without having the Arduino software installed on the computer he's using. This will include: the Arduino requesting the minimum and maximum angles, and the step size for the scan, the operator sending these values to the Arduino, and the Arduino reporting back what the position is for each step of the scan. So it is a continual two-way communication.

I have searched for information about how to achieve this, but I do not have enough experience of computers and programming to understand the information I have found. I do need it in beginners speak, I'm afraid, as it's only the second piece of coding that I've done and have little computer knowledge beyond the use of standard software.

I would be really grateful if someone could at least suggest what I should focus my attention upon so I can narrow down my research.

I would not have attempted such a project so early in my programming understanding, but have been given it as part of my course and am trying to complete it as best I can.

Also, I have a Mac so if it could work on both PC and Mac, that would be great, but is not essential as I could use a PC.

Thanks in anticipation.


The USB port on the Uno is really just a serial port in disguise. So any programming language that can send data over a serial port (most) will do the job.

If you do not already have experience with any programming tools, Processing (a cusin of Arduino) is a good place to start:


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