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Topic: Can I used the SAM3A8C IC instead of Arduino due standard SAM3X8E IC. (Read 255 times) previous topic - next topic


HI all,

I am using Arduino DUE for my project,  but the PCB size problem, so I would like to use the 100pin Atmel SAM3A8C chip instead of SAM3X8E.

So I would like to know it is possible to do it(I want to program with Arduino IDE).


Please reply me ASAP,

Marvin Kim (www.atspcb.co.kr)


You would presumably need to change the core files that initialize pins that aren't present on your smaller chip, which I think means a new "variant" for the SAM platform.  That doesn't sound like something "easy."


Any advice on what exact changes would be needed?

I dont have a problem sitting down for an hour or two and manually going through to edit it....but Id just need some pointers on exactly what needs to be modified, and maybe an example for "one" of the pins...then I could just wash/rinse/repeat for the rest of the pin reassignments?

I would be happy to share my modified files once done.

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