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I have a "Pyroelectric Passive Infrared Sensor" and I want to know how to make a presence detector, simply and with minimal component (and Arduino).
It's look like this sensor RE200B.
Do you think that it is possible to directly put the Source (or Drain, I don't know), on an analogic port ? Otherwise, how must I proceed ?

Thanks !

Ps: I'm beginning to really love this forum and this community. It's really pleasant to chat with interested people, to find answer... Receive hello from a young French  :P


Take a look at some of the sketches designed around a "Hall Effect" sensor. This device looks like an IR version of the magnetic Hall effect sensor. Where did you get this device? Looks interesting.


I found it on the detector of à light projector.


So, you want to just use the RE 200 B sensor from the board -- but not the board?

Pin 1 -- Vdd -- Directly to +5VDC
Pin 2 -- Vout -- 47k ohm resistor to Pin 3 (ground)
Pin 3 -- Ground

You can attach Vout (pin 2) to an Arduino analog input pin. I might place a 0.1uFd in parallel with the resistor.

You should get readings from 0 to 800 or so, methinks.


It works, I have oscillation between 100 and 250 or so (with AnologReadSerial). But I think it just measures temperature. It's a little bit bizarre...


RE-200 IR detectors can be found in several places on Ebay... $1 - $3. Ea.
The RE-200 is one of several different devices called by the name "PIR" or Passive Infrared Detector.

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But I have the complete system ! I just want to make it more simple, is it possible ?


The "makers" that create these, especially for hobbyists... tend to use the smallest number of parts in the parts list that they can manage.  If you want to do this with even fewer parts... some part of you solution will not meet your needs... performance,  output levels, sensitivity, longevity... etc... will all likely suffer if you over simplify the solution.


I understand. I'll remake the complet system. I just wanted to understand completely how it works.

Thanks !

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