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Glue each mirror to an angle bracket which is then glued to the base? You can bend the bracket to adjust the angle. I assume that once everything is set you'll have some scheme for securing the mirrors solidly in place and then balancing the assembly.
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I think you can get by with a small "turnbuckle".

http://www.fastenal.com/web/search/product/_/Navigation?searchterm=&sortby=webrank&sortdir=descending&searchmode=&pageno=1&refine=~|categoryl1:"601922 Lifting and Rigging"|~ ~|categoryl2:"601938 Rigging Hooks and Attachments"|~ ~|categoryl3:"601952 Turnbuckles"|~

Don't know if they can be found small enough for your mirrors. Might be overkill if you only need to adjust for one angle.

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Thanks for the advice, all.
I think I'll try the angle brackets first, that makes sense even though it's not quite as convenient as being able to adjust with a screw.
When I went to the hardware store just now for some advice the guy insisted that what I was looking for was "straight out of James Bond" so I might try another store next time ;-)

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