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I am working on a controls project. mech engr dont know much about ece
i have an IR emitter and detector that detects how fast the radiometer is spinning using the arduino uno
the code is here

Code: [Select]
int ledPin = 13;
int statusPin = 12;

volatile float time = 0;
volatile float time_last = 0;
volatile int rpm_array[5] = {0,0,0,0,0};
volatile int stat;

void fan_interrupt() {
 time = (micros()-time_last);
 time_last = micros();
 if(stat == LOW) {
   stat = HIGH;
   else {
     stat = LOW;
 digitalWrite(statusPin, stat);

void setup() {
 attachInterrupt(0, fan_interrupt, FALLING);
 pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
 digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
 pinMode(statusPin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
 int rpm = 0;
 while(1) {
   if(time>0) {
     rpm_array[0] = rpm_array[1];
     rpm_array[1] = rpm_array[2];
     rpm_array[2] = rpm_array[3];
     rpm_array[3] = rpm_array[4];
     rpm_array[4] = 60*(1000000/(time*4));
     rpm = (rpm_array[0] + rpm_array[1] + rpm_array[2] + rpm_array[3] + rpm_array[4])/5;

i need help in creating the real time plot on matlab
the graph should show rpm vs time

Attempting connection .............
Basic I/O Script detected !
Arduino successfully connected !

i got the uno to connect to matlab
just need help on the code
can anyone help me please asap

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Coding Badly


just need help on the code

Did you get help writing that Arduino code on the MatLab forum?
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1000000  ==> 1000000L  to explicitely make it long, for the rest it should work (you do some average rounds per minute ?)
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