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Hi everybody!

I got a question here! Is there any library to make ASYMMETRIC ENCRYPTION,

PLEASE DONT TELL ME TO GOOGLE IT, i search for hours. everything i found was a topic about a guy who tell he made a aes and rsa library for arduino, but he never mentionned the link to download it..I found thing about crypto suite but is seems to be symmetric encryption.

The thing is that i create a symmetric encryption algorythm but i need to send the key throught the internet. So i need asymmetric encryption to send these data first.



My Google search got me to this: http://avrcryptolib.das-labor.org/trac, includes RSA-1024 which is an asymmetric encryption, although the library doesn't seem to be very fast (according to this document http://www.lix.polytechnique.fr/hipercom/SmartObjectSecurity/slides/Jari.pdf). This numbers are for the ATmega based Arduinos, the Due should be factors faster.


Ok so i need to create the library from their documents?

and i saw that library yesterday but their not talking about rsa here..



Ok so i need to create the library from their documents?

That is a library.

and i saw that library yesterday but their not talking about rsa here..

Take a look at the source code. The wiki doesn't seem to be up-to-date.


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What you are trying to do is non-trivial

What you are trying to do is non-trivial.  Proper crpyto implementations require a good attention to detail.  Also, using a reputable library is important.

Even if you use a reputable library, if you don't know the correct techniques and pitfalls to avoid, you will end up with an insecure application.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here is a StackOverflow question:


I have used the TomCrypt library (google that) on a less powerful system than the cortex-m3, but not asymmetric crypto.  Asym. crypto will be quite taxing, but not impossible.  Give tomcrypt a try.  I know it used to be well regarded, but may no longer be due to it's lack of a supporting developer.  With crypto the more eyes you have on the library to find and fix bugs the better!

Good luck.


I looking for Asymmetric Encryption on Arduino too.

please donate any example package (.c, .ino or .pde format)

Thank you ^^



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