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Nick Gammon

ABC News in Australia:


In the past four decades, computers have moved from building size, to room size, to desktop, laptop and now pocket size.

But where next? The answer is jewellery.

This year we'll see people walking around wearing computerised glasses, watches and even rings that help them navigate their daily life.

Perhaps we better tell them about: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardLilyPad


wearable computers have been around for ~25 of those 40 years, you could buy a watch with standard personal assistance features in the mid 80's

heck even when I was in grade school they had come down to simple LCD video games and calculators that some kids would wear to school and get in trouble for (later 80's)

Nick Gammon

My personal favourite is the TV-B-Gone wearable jacket:




I worked at HP in the early 80s and there were a couple of these still around from 5 years earlier.
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