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Mar 06, 2013, 02:37 pm Last Edit: Mar 08, 2013, 07:43 am by vobo Reason: 1
I saw today Tapatalk support for SMF (Simple Machines Forum - arduino.cc forum running version 1.1.18) is possible by plugin:
direct link:
(for Simple Machines Forum 1.1.11 or newer)

Can I ask forum admin to enable this possiblility?
I thing many people are using mobile devices to read forum, and it's much easier.
Thanks in advance


Bump...   yes, would be nice to have tablet/smartphone support.
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I'm pretty sure that a decision has been made. It was no!

There is enough evidence that making it easier to post from a phone is not a good idea.
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would be nice to have tablet/smartphone support
I do most of my posting from a ten inch Android tablet.
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It would be great if arduino.cc have tapatalk support!
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the forum runs just fine on my andorid, with any browser tested. Just disable JavaScript for a big speed up.

BTW if you want an app, please suggest a FREE (or at least open-source) app  :smiley-mr-green:
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Nothing new to the tapatalk support of arudino.cc

The is more comfortable to use tapatalk in case of normal browser during a slow internet connection on tablets and phone.
It there any chance in the future that arduino forum supports tapatalk?

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I too would very much like to see Tapatalk support.

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