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I'm looking into protothreading: http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/TimedAction#Example

I understand for
Code: [Select]
for (First; Last; increment)
do while, and while loops.

I don't understand part of this bracket (from the example in the link above)
Code: [Select]
void blink(){
  ledState ? ledState=false : ledState=true;

I don't understand the layout of 
Code: [Select]
ledState ? ledState=false : ledState=true;



ledState is true?
If yes, set it to false
If no, set it to true

This statement inverts true to false or false to true. I would rather say ledState=!ledState; where the ! means NOT.


That's the ternary operator:

Code: [Select]
    boolean_value ? result_if_true : result_if_false;

They are using a round-about way of inverting the boolean value of ledState.  The easy way is:

Code: [Select]
   ledState = ! ledState;

They could also have used the operator more properly:

Code: [Select]
    ledState = ledState ? false : true;
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Thank you very much guys!
liudr & johnwasser
I understand now.


I don't understand the layout of 
Code: [Select]
ledState ? ledState=false : ledState=true;

Yeah, the person who coded that probably didn't understand it either. It's a misuse of the ternary operator and a very contrived way to invert a boolean.
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