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Well, with that solved, perhaps Jim_socks can devote some effot to posting a video of this thing in action  XD


Ah- fantastic!  So I will just make volume an unsigned long as well, and all should be solved!  I'll try that right away!

As for the video- I certainly will!  Here is a still picture or two in the meantime:

(NOTE:  this enclosure is ONLY for use while I build the full bar downstairs- none of it (except the faucet and skull) will be in the looks of the finished product.  I just spiffed it up with the paint so it wouldn't be such an eyesore while it sits upstairs in my kitchen.  Plus, I have a party every week on tuesday- and it makes people laugh to see R2-D2 with moonshine Xs on him  XD )

Here is what the effect lighting looks like while idle (I used RGB LEDs, so I can toggle this "default" color if I like)

And here is what the lights change to when pouring, to include the skull lighting.  Now, in the FINISHED BarBot, every LED you see here will be behind a skull, and the 7th skull (the one in this photo) will not be filled with liquid.  It will be positioned above the faucet sort of like it is now, and it will have the arduino and PCB inside of it- with all the wires coming down like a spinal cord.

Here is the arduino setup now- but once I have it exactly how I want it I will use Eagle to design and etch my own custom PCB for it, making it much smaller and more manageable (etching the PCB sounds fun!)

Last but not least- here is a mockup of the wheel that will hold your glass.  The lazy susan bearing I need is still in the mail- so this is just a prototype that isn't motorized (PLUS- I NEED to find a reasonably accurate servo motor that turns at LEAST 180 degrees, with enough torque to turn the wheel plus a glass of liquid... I haven't had time to really search for one yet- if you know of one, PLEASE let me know!) 

The coolest part of the wheel is the five slots for shot glasses.  When finished- the Barbot will count the number of glasses in the slots whenever a shot recipe is selected, and pour-rotate-pour-rotate until all inserted shot glasses are filled- thus being able to pour 1-5 shots at a time based on how many glasses you put in the wheel!  I am excited about that feature.

Hope you like the photos!


Four pages of debate about math, and not a peep about the pictures!?  Guess I should've thrown a picture of boobs in there eh?   ;)


Well, under a topic that says "Delays and unsigned long" in this sub-forum, one may not expect to see an impressive picture book like that on a drink machine. Looks great. Good work! :)



Looks great!  It's really coming along!

How are you going to do the sensors for the glasses on your "carousel"?



This is my first arduino project, and first electronics project to boot! (well, I lit an LED once using a battery, if that counts)

I started learning and bought my UNO in November- and March 1st it poured me an alcoholic drink!

Still a little to iron out (like the wheel code and mechanics) but overall I am extremely satisfied with the results.  I'll post a dedicated thread in a better area of the forum once it is fully completed. For now- thanks go out to all the amazing people on the forums here that have helped me in my toughest times on the project!

@ johncc: I already have those coded and wired in.  If you look closely at the picture above showing the computer- you can see the little switches on the right hand side. They will sit positioned next to each glass holster hole so when a glass goes in it depresses the switch. As far as the actual code mechanics of
Code: [Select]
if one glass,
Turn to glass location #1
Turn back to Return glass to user

if two glasses,
Turn to glass location #1
Turn to glass location #2
Turn back to Return glass to user

if three glasses,
Turn to glass location #1
Turn to glass location #2
Turn to glass location #3
Turn back to Return glass to user


I have not written that part yet (partly because I don't actually have a servo yet)

Basically right now I just have the barbot printing to serial to inform me that it is in fact aware that switches are depressed, and it prints which glasses are in place (ie: "two shot glasses installed" "highball glass installed" "four shot glasses installed" etc) once I actually FIND a servo capable of what I need- ill start work on the "turn-pour-turn-pour" code mechanics


Finding a servo capable of moving the turntable should be no trouble.  Are you going to use a continuous rotation servo, which may be difficult to position accurately, or a conventional servo which can be positioned accurately but has limited rotational range ?
Please do not send me PMs asking for help.  Post in the forum then everyone will benefit from seeing the questions and answers.



I am planning on a conventional servo, but I need one that goes at LEAST 180 degrees.  360 would be nice, but isn't explicitly required.


Nick Gammon on multitasking Arduinos:
1) http://gammon.com.au/blink
2) http://gammon.com.au/serial
3) http://gammon.com.au/interrupts


I saw this and thought that Jim might be interested
Please do not send me PMs asking for help.  Post in the forum then everyone will benefit from seeing the questions and answers.

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