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Jack Christensen

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I have a project in the pipe that will use them to monitor battery voltage. A few weeks off yet.
MCP79411/12 RTC ... "One Million Ohms" ATtiny kit ... available at http://www.tindie.com/stores/JChristensen/


may be useful for an analog keyboard or onboard temperature probe.


A6 and A7 were also available on the Arduino Mini and Arduino Nano (and presumably some of the other SMT-chip based third party boards.)  But using them is not compatible with the "popular" Arduino boards (Uno and its predecessors), and actually using them has never caught on.


I am planning on making a Header file to include these pins ("A6,A7").  I was reading the schematic and found them open. 1K resistor should allow the two pins to be available. I will check with my oscilloscope before I use them. 


A6 and A7 are floating pins. using open floating pins just needs a resistor value to them. and setup a library to set pin A6, A7 as input. If the floating pins are used it should be stated in doc or other documents related to their value as floating pin assignments.

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