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Hi. Looking at the way the LilyPad Arduinos are developing from LilyPad Simple to LilyPad USB,


do you think we will see a larger LilyPad, like LilyPad Main Board which uses USB instead of FTDI for programming?

Then there is Adafruit's the Flora too.

Personally, i'm looking at ways of making my Arduinos portable, and the wearable platforms (LilyPad and Flora) seem like a pretty good and beginner-friendly starting points for me, instead of bringing a whole Uno, or going to the itsy-bitsy Arduinos or even ATTiny etc.


Well, either way i just purchased a LilyPad USB ;) Twinkle, twinkle little puppydog!

Coding Badly

Is the bit laying on the table a hood?


Is the bit laying on the table a hood?

Haha no, but thanks for a good idea for an avenger cape! :D


Will the LilyPad get a new revision?  That's a question for Dr. Leah Buechley as she designed it.  Or you can wait for others, like Adafruit, to come out with other clones.  Other than that, you can always make your own. :)

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