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Hi all,
I have been working on project, which are study people moving patterns in pedestrian. I want to capture the image in real-time (about every 5 minutes delay) with arduino + jpeg camera and furthermore will be upload it in my twitter. Now, I have arduino and ethernet shield, for the camera I need suggestion from you guys, which camera is suitable for my project that can directly upload to the internet without connected to the PC first.
Any suggestions will be appreciates.


You can't use a camera with an Aduino. Look the hundreds of thread in this forum to see why.



It is a bit unrealistic to attempt to use the Arduino to capture an image. The image would be very low resolution at best. However, there are many IP cameras that already do what you are asking for.

As an aside, are you sure it is legal in your area to take pictures of people without their knowledge and post them on the internet (twitter)? Also, sending the pictures via FTP would be a better idea, in my opinion unless there is a specific reason to use twitter.


Check out
Intertec ITCM328


Image processing, unrealistic (mostly impossible due to speed and memory limitations).
Imave capture and save, a reality.


Hi, Am I missing something?

Isn't there a low-resolution camera that puts out JPEG data? I have a 640x480 JPG here with some big text on it that's 25K.

Couldn't Arduino move that kind of data to a PC??
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640x480 is 307200 pixels by however many bytes each pixel takes up. For color, that would be times 3, so 90K of RAM would be needed to hold the image. Even at 1 bit per pixel (pure black/white no grayscale) that is 38K of RAM. The Arduino Mega2560 has 4K of RAM.

You are seeing only 25K because it is compressed. Adding compression to the Arduino would also be limited not only by memory and speed, but by the math it is capable of.

It may be possible to buffer only a certain amount of the frame and stream it to something else, but the frame-rate would be very very low.


Hi, Am I missing something?

Isn't there a low-resolution camera that puts out JPEG data? I have a 640x480 JPG here with some big text on it that's 25K.

Couldn't Arduino move that kind of data to a PC??

Yes there is, and I don't see why the Arduino couldn't take the byte stream and push it out over a network connection. I don't know what sort of encoding would be required, and that might be a problem, but perhaps not an insurmountable one.

I suspect it would be possible to get an IP camera with an FTP capability built in (I have one that is triggered by motion detection - I suppose there is probably something similar that will do it on a timed basis) which would probably be easier to use as well as cheaper than the Arduino solution.
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There are JPEG camera modules that I assume already do the compression within them. That may help a bit.

BTW, there are experiments I have seen using the gameboy camera to capture an image with the Arduino.


The cost of an Uno +WiFI shield + camera module is around 80 to 90 GBP. For a 1/3 of that  can get a WiFi IP (spy) camera. ing video.

Assuming that the image is jpeg'ed compressed in camera so all I have to do is read a byte from the cam and then send it out to the WiFi then (assuming the slowest of the two interfaces is a UART) then I get a time per 25k image of 2.5 to 3 seconds.

Just not worth it even if you are upto writing the software.


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