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Hi there all,

First please forgive me if I posted in the wrong forum but I am new here.

I am trying to build an egg-bot-like machine wich for the hardware part really works out fine.
Steppers running smoothly and the frame is done.

You can find the details on the original webpage here:

The software is to be found here:

But now I run into a problem.
I downloaded the above mentioned spherebot software and it comes back with an error I cannot find a solution for.

I am using the original arduino IDE and running on an Arduino Uno.

There is an include for "WProgram.h" which I can not find and is not documented.
And the softaware gives errors on simple OUTPUT declaration statements.

Does anybody have used and implemented this software recently and run into these problems ???

Any hints.



Substitute "Arduino.h", or use an earlier version of the IDE.
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Thanks AWOL,

I downloaded Arduino IDE 023 and it compiled without any errors.

On to the hacking !!!!

Thanks a lot.



The reference to WProgram.h is in StepperModel.cpp
As advised, replace it with Arduino.h
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