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Hello everyone,

as it is said in the title, I am currently working with an Arduino Mega 2560 as a microcontroller with an Arduino Shield from DFRobot (here it is a picture of the shield : http://i.imgur.com/YmDhiBH.png). My project is to build a Hexapod, so I want to connect the servo driver boards to the COM ports from the shield. After connecting the different elements to each other, I wanted to check if the signal was running along the whole circuit. That's why I used a LED with a resistor to check. I put it on the COM ports (the side with the resistor on the Ground, and the other one on the TX) and I noticed that no signal was running through it. I searched into the Net and I read that I need to use a code which will permit to send a signal to these ports.

So I searched again on the Net but I haven't been able to find such a code. That's why I'm asking here if anyone knows this kind of code and could help me to resolve my issue.

Thanks a lot for reading my thread and good Sunday :)


To use com ports on the Mega you use the Serial.write calls for com port 0 and the Serial1. Serial2. And Serial3. Calls for the other ports.

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