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This is all I have for a schematic. I added a female header off of pin 1 of the 328, and a 10K pull up resister on pins 2 and 3 of the 328.


Earlier you mentioned that you have a 10K pull-up on the reset pin 1.  I don't see that on your circuit board pictures unless it is hidding somewhere.   I do see the other two 10K resistors attached to pins 2 and 3.


As I understand, specific 328P programs in an UNO & in a solder less breadboard but NOT on the circuit board?  There may be oscillator issue with the xtal circuit... Perhaps due to the board being contaminated or etching problems.  It takes very little to "pull" the xtal off-frequency.

Try this: program a simply 'count forever' loop with LED blink and numbers to serial out.  Configure BAUD at 9600.  Test on solder less breadboard.  Move uC to circuit board.  Retest.  If the board does not work, likely a timing issue so changed the 16MHz xtal first and then break out the high-power magnifier if problem continues.



Its trying to hide.LOL Its just before the female headers labled 0 - 4 .


mrburnette: I have done exactly that. The one on the cicuit board is the UNO chip. However, it is revovable. So, I have been able to breadboard it and program it with the blink and the fade sketch. I have also suspected the OSC as being an issue. I changed that and the 22pF caps. the caps are going to ground.

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