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This thread about an overheating 293 made me wonder how to measure the temp of a chip.

My Christmas Fluke 17B has a temperature scale (measures up to 400C) and came with a Type-K thermocouple. To measure the temperature of a chip, would it be enough to hold the thermocouple probe against the surface or does it need a better contact, perhaps with some gel or paste or other gloop to get a better contact?
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I guess regular old thermal grease would work. Thermal exopy if you want a permenent contact. But either way, thet will be package temp, not die temp. Maybe with a bit of math and the thermal conductivity figures in the datasheet it would be possiblr to get an accurate measurement


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whats die temp, is that the core of the ic?


We have a Ryobi Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Put its red laser dot on the middle of a chip, or a resistor, or transistor, get a digital reading back.

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