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i am interested in making a quadcopter using arduino mega but i have no idea how. i have been searching the internet to learn how to make one. recently i ordered the motor and esc, and propeller for the quad. now i am confused, should i buy the gyro sensor or something else, and what other material are needed for the quadcopter.
also i am very interted in learing how to use arduino mega and arduino nano as transmitter and reciver.


You are probably going to want to check out MultiWii:


I also recently documented a very simple Quad based on an Arduino Mega and a few modules:


Basically, you usually want gyro, accellerometer, compass, and barometer sensors which you can get in a single module, then you just need something for wireless control, whether you buy a controller or build one. I used an old XBox controller.


i have been searching the internet to learn how to make one.

There is a ridiculous amount of information available on this subject.  Just what do you think you're going to get out of this post you can't already find on the hundreds or thousands of sites / blogs / articles already out there?
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