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I read a lots of Q/A here about non-official boards and download adapters.  Here is something I learned in the 60's while in the military working with digital circuitry.  With practice and comparing against a "known good" circuit this technique is often faster than an o-scope at figuring out problems.

Old trick:
Use an AM battery portable and tune to an empty area on the lower end of the AM band.  Power the Arduino board with the AM radio on and the internal antenna placed near the 328P... Adjust both volume and tuning to pick up some of the digital signal ... Then try to load a sketch... You will be able to hear the reset.

You may wish to try this on your working breadboard FIRST to get the hang of what you are listening for... The PC board should work the same.  

An UNO will be different in that it has 2 uCs.  By carefully placing the small pocket radio nearer different circuits and orienting the rod antenna, you can zero-in on different functionality.


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