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I am planning on using a air ram and solenoid with an air supply of its own.  The door is not going to be a problem.  I can weld and fabricate and have all the tools for that.  When it comes to fancy stuff, well dont know much.  Where should I start to read on just the basics.  After looking around on this forum it is pretty cool what can be done.

Go to ebay and get an arduino with a USB cable, and possibly other stuff like hookup wire (or a kit like below). You should have a multimeter for testing. You can get started with that little. Start by turning the pin 13 LED on and off.

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Fundamentally you need to have a keypad, and some way to control your door operating mechanism electrically. The Arduino can provide a 5V signal at less than 20mA. This is unlikely to be enough for what you need, so you will almost certainly need a relay driver or motor driver. If you use a UNO there are quite a few varieties of shield for that sort of thing. I guess you will also want to provide an enclosure for the keypad.

At this stage it would be worth considering whether you need to include any safety features. You are probably going to be dealing with forces large enough to injure somebody of they get trapped in / under the door so you might want to think about adding proximity or contact sensors to the moving edge of the door. Will your air ram enable you to close and open the door without slamming it into the end stops? If not, you might also want to think about including a position sensor so that you can decelerate the door to a stop in the right position.

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