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Im using the guide from
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http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=11635 to attempt to burn a different boot loader onto the 644p so it will work with the latest arduino Ide.Im using a atmega 328 as the programmer and the 644p as the slave.The error im getting is
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Atmega chip programmer.
Written by Nick Gammon.
Entered programming mode OK.
Signature = 0x1E 0x96 0x0A
Processor = ATmega644P
Flash memory size = 65536 bytes.
LFuse = 0xFF
HFuse = 0xDC
EFuse = 0xFD
Lock byte = 0xCF
Clock calibration = 0x82
No bootloader support for this device.
Type 'C' when ready to continue with another chip ...

Ideas please ?


There is no official Arduino using the 644P chip so I don't think Nick's code includes a bootloader for it.  You should be able to get one from the Sanguino folks.  Here are some instructions for burning the bootloader:

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