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Hello, I've decided that Arduino would be the best way to complete my project. This is my first time attempting a project with Arduino and I have a few questions before I start buying materials.

I want to use Arduino to control an LED every time I push the Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock buttons. I've read up on the PhysicalPixel (here: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/PhysicalPixel) but that uses letter keys. Would my three keys work?

If yes, I noticed that there are many models of Ardunio which one should I get for that purpose? (Do I need to get anything else extra?)

Also, on the PhysicalPixel page, there is a whole bunch of code to control the LED, what do I need to copy if I'm using Processing and how would I use that to communicate with the Arduino?

Sorry for the newbie questions  :~


PhysicalPixel uses an existing serial monitor program to send keystrokes to the Arduino. You would have to write a program on your computer to detect state changes on the various keys and send a signal to the Arduino.  The arduino part is really simple.

It's not a hard program but it's not really an Arduino problem.

Thanks for the info, what Arduino should I buy?

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