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Hello There!

I'm pretty new to Arduino, but I'm quite interested in using one for a project of mine.

I'm trying to make a gadget intended to be used with bicycles/micro-scooters that clips onto the handlebar and measures the speed/acceleration of the user.

The gadget will be used to emulate the sound of something like a motorbike or hovercraft or something fun (thinking about the Jetsons here), and I thought that the intensity or volume of the sound could be controlled by the speed of movement

As another smaller feature, I was thinking of a row of LEDs that could be used as an indication of how fast the user is going - like a really basic speedometer.

I would like to ask if this is possible, and if so, could anybody suggest what components I should buy to try this out?

I currently own an Arduino Uno (r3), an ADXL335, plus a bunch of basic components included in the starter kit - I was wondering if I could use any of these to start off with? (I also have an Adafruit Wave Shield1.1, though I think I need to resolder it as it cannot read the SD card I use)

Thank you so much for your time.

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